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“We don't build apps, we build startups. We work with you to define the MVP, rapidly build it and find that initial product market fit.”

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We are a small team, not a shop.

We are a small team and only take on a few projects at a time. Everyone in your team is top tier and has worked at places like Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Lyft.

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Danial Afzal


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Amna Afzal

Customer Success

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Rain de Castro


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Yay de Castro


Our Expertise

Exciting right? Check out what we have in store for you.

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Building rapid V1s of your dream app and then scaling it to it's fullest potential.

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Asking the right questions and then optimizing the anwers. We use real data in order to create these.

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We will work to help you and your vision. Let us make it look nice. Real nice.

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Growth &
Performance Marketing

Anyone can burn cash for users, but can they do it effeciently? We have you covered.

An ambassador app for a fire product

An app to incentivize ambassadors to promote products and sign on their friends to also promote the product.

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